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I don’t have post-Erasmus depression (yet). Everything has been great. I’ve traveled way more than I expected and my wallet can give testimony of that. Still, best things I lived they have been with other people. In October I went with my Spanish friends to the southern part of  Turkey (Antalya). Later, I took a plane, crossed the Mediterranean Sea and reach one of my favourite countries: Egypt. I want to go back not just to Egypt  but to Africa in general, I fell in love. Political situation has been a little crazy down there and I’ve heard that, in places where I was peacefully drinking a tea, some terrorist attack has been performed. I met some good people there, army people, traders, shopkeepers, engineers… Then I went back to Istanbul, ready for the new semester. I already knew everything, bureaucracy was a pain in the ass at the beginning but once you can get rid of  it the life is easy. Oh, I got in the choir. They were the nicest people I’ve met there, we even went on tour! Kusadasi, Izmir… and then I took a bus with one friend to Bodrum so that we could find new places in our wonderful but insufficient Spring Break. After that, exams… the last set of exams in my degree. I’m almost graduated! After my final career project I will be Philosophy Graduate and then, of course, I will keep going on with my studies.

Last thing we did was to take a bus (and then a thirty hours train) to the Eastern Turkey, the Kurdish part of the country. We could notice the difference between both western and eastern accent (just like in Spain happens in Andalucía). We visited Van, Dogubayazit and, finally, Trabzon and Rize. Those were my last days in Turkey. Now everything seems like fading away in my mind, as if it was a nice dream.

I came back to the routine but I don’t feel overwhelmed. People is still the same, they act the same and, in general, they’ve lived less life-changing experiences than me. I won’t say that I am a different person but Erasmus has improved the best of me (if such a thing exists). I will always recommend undergrad students to go on exchange, good or bad, it’s an experience they will keep forever.

As always (when I speak or write in English) I feel I don’t have enough mot justes to express my inner feelings about the whole situation. I’ve probably have been politically correct but I truly feel that.

This is dedicated to all my Turkish friends (Gülce, Sena, Ismet, Hikmet, Ozan…), also my exchange friends (Ariën, Nikita, Cameron, Leah, Miguel, Álvaro, David, Dimitri, Sydney, Thomas…) and the rest of the people I’ve met in my trips or in other circumstances (Mohammed, Logal, Husam, Can, Amira, Saúl…)


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